White Elephant is a New York-based full-service creative production studio with a focus on fashion photography, film,still life, and retouching. 


Our Mission statement is to re-visualize the world by imagination. 




Timmy Liang graduates in Luxury and Fashion Management major from Savannah College of Art and Design, being credited for his knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry and innovative solutions to luxury brands.

His versatile roles ranging from marketer, graphic designer, photographer to retailer have made him a solution-maker to fashion production while keeping a big picture in mind.

Currently, he is the producer of the White Elephant studio, offering fashion insights to clients with a visionary and detail-oriented approach.




Cheng Zhao, a fashion photographer based in New York City for 5 years, is experienced in photography and post-production across US and China for for years. His style is a mix of the tranquility of eastern aesthetics and the modernity inspired by/of metropolitan, natural while powerful.

With strong sense to observe and experience, Cheng delivers intriguing natural elements and structured storytelling through his work. His pragmatic and prudent post-production techniques have been highly-reputed in his field all over China.

The magazines Cheng has collaborated with include VOUGE, ELLE, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Grazia  COSMO, L'OFFICIEL, TrendsHealth and For Him Magazine. Cheng’s A-list Celebrity clientele are Binbin Fan, Mi Yang,Sichun Ma, Zitao Huang, Liya Tong, Sicheng Cheng Xiaotong Guan and world-famous models such as Liu Wen, Feifei Sun, Xiaowen Ju and Marie Claire.

赵丞,是定居于纽约5年的时尚摄影师。他在中美两地有着多年的拍摄和后期制作经验。他的作品风格结合了东方美学的沉稳宁静及摩登都市的纷繁现代,自然而不失张力。赵丞拥有细腻敏锐的视觉,其作品常与自然巧妙糅合,构思精巧生动;其扎实严谨的后期处理技术则在中国业内享有较高声誉。合作杂志包括 VOUGE  ELLE、Marie Claire、Bazaar、 红秀《嘉人》, 《时尚COSMO》、《时装L'OFFICIEL》、《时尚健康》、《男人装》等。合作的明星包括范冰冰、杨幂、黄子韬、马思纯、佟丽娅、陈思成、关晓彤等,模特包括刘雯、孙菲菲、雎晓雯,Karlie Kloss, Kristen Stewart, Marie Claire等


Mengzhen Yang is LA-based professional painter, independent Artist and film Producer